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Personalised food delivery in Edinburgh

Plan ahead, save time and enjoy

The Fifth Taste works with a personalised food delivery basis in Edinburgh that allows you to plan your free time and get a well-deserved break right when you need it. Decide which day (or days) you want to be kitchen-duty free, add your favourite dishes to the cart and start planning your bubble bath, gardening time or movie night. Your food will be right at your door any Thursday, Friday or Saturday of your choice, for lunch or dinner… Or maybe both!

Fresh, seasonal and local

The food delivery service in Edinburgh by the Fifth Taste works quite simply. Our committed chef Vanesa first receives the order, then speaks with you of any need you might have and starts stocking her home-kitchen with the right products to tailor your perfect Spanish food. In order to do that, Vanesa buys personally at local groceries all the products herself to make sure the product is always fresh, seasonal and locally sourced. The secret? Getting to know the suppliers and therefore, the best ingredients for your food delivery in Edinburgh!

The authentic flavour from Spain

Another secret at Vanesa’s home-kitchen is her “providers contacts list”. Thanks to her 20 years in the industry, she knows which provider to call in order to get the special Spanish products missing in the UK that she needs to prepare some dishes. You will get to enjoy the authentic Spanish Food with PDO and PGI indicators doing nothing else than ordering it! Straight from Spain to your home, indulge yourself with the Spanish flavour of the Fifth Taste’s food delivery in Edinburgh.

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