The 'homey' paella recipe

Thinking of that paella recipe you enjoyed (so long now) in Tenerife? Time to stop the mouthwatering and book a 1-2-1 paella masterclass in Edinburgh.

Paella recipe classes

Spanish recipe classes

'Anyone can cook' classes with the smiliest and chattiest Spanish chef in Edinburgh. Vanesa will perform a Spanish masterclass of a recipe of your choice from the comfort of your kitchen. Tales and juicy details about the Spanish recipes included!

At The Fifth Taste, we do our best to stop the spreading of COVID-19. That means that the 1-2-1 classes are not available at the moment in order to protect our loved ones and yours. Instead, you can book the online classes now to learn every single recipe at The Fifth Taste. From the safety of your kitchen!


The Spanish chef

During the cooking classes experience, Vanesa García will be your guide from the shopping tour to the table set up. She is a walking notebook with valued information like where to buy the Spanish (and Spanish-ish) products in Edinburgh or how to pair each of the dishes with the correct wine.

Meet the Chef

More than recipes

At The Fifth Taste's Blog, you will find interesting facts and information about Spanish recipes and Scottish food traditions. We also speak a bit about what it's like to keep a hospitality business afloat in Covid-time. Recipes, remarkable dates and lots of what's and how's just one click from here.

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