These are the Frequently Asked Questions at The Fifth Taste. Please, don’t hesitate to get in touch in case you need any other kind of information or guidance.


Question: Do you deliver frozen food?


Answer: Not. Every single recipe at The Fifth Taste is specially cooked just for you only a few hours before we deliver it to your door. The one exception is the croquettes. We are forced to hand them frozen so you can enjoy their best shape and flavour once you fry them following our directions.


Q: Can I order Same-Day Delivery/Pickup?


A: Not. At The Fifth Taste, we need one day notice to get your food ready. All the products of our kitchen are fresh and specially picked just for you, so we only need a little bit of time to offer the exclusive and personalized service we are remembered from.


Q: Do you deliver every day of the week?


A: Not. The orders are delivered on THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SUNDAY. The morning delivery slot goes from 11 am and 1 pm, while you can get your evening order from 4 pm and 6 pm.


Q: Could I know the exact time my order will be delivered?


A: Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation with the day and slot time you have chosen. Although we can not let you know the exact delivery time, at The Fifth Taste we will try our best to keep up with your needs.


Q: Do you deliver hot food?


A: To make sure you receive your order with the most high-quality food, The Fifth Taste cooks your dishes and let them cool before serving them in the containers for delivery. Your only job will be to heat them if required -please, do not heat the Russian salad ;)-


Q: Do you deliver to my house?


A: Our delivery zone is Edinburgh city and surroundings. You will get the exact cost of delivery once you create a user account on The Fifth Taste website and get through the order process. The total of your purchase will be shown right before you get to make the payment for your order.


Q: Can I pick up my order?


A: Of course. To arrange a pickup time, send us an email, an SMS or a text to WhatsApp.


Q: Can I order by phone?


A: We never stop at The Fifth Taste! Whether it is choosing the products, cooking the recipes or planning the next season’s dishes, our hands are normally busy. So, PLEASE, place your order through our website. You can also reach us by sending an SMS, an email or a text to WhatsApp. That way, we make sure we won’t miss you :).


Q: Can I pay by cash?


A: Due to the current circumstances, The Fifth Taste follows a strict protocol to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The CARD PAYMENT to place an order is the only method we admit.


Q: How is The Fifth Taste addressing coronavirus and my safety?


A: Although it is very unlikely that you can catch coronavirus from food, we avoid raw and undercooked animal products in our menu, as the World Health Organization recommends. At The Fifth Taste, we follow the food guidance offered by the UK government. On top of that, we apply the guidance on personal hygiene by the Food Standard Agency so you can enjoy your food worry-free.

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