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The Fifth Taste

The Concept

Deliciousness and pleasant savoury flavour are the descriptions given to the fifth taste, also known as umami. An unusual and rhythmic word that was finally defining what we long know as Spanish comfort food.


Artisan product and personalized service


Comfort food delivery in Edinburgh and personalized customer service are the basics that The Fifth Taste rule by. The finishing touch is up to the Chef, Vanesa García, a well-known advocate of the “exclusive comfort food”. Every day, The Chef chooses the product she works with, picking only the seasonal and local products in Edinburgh. For the Spanish flavour, The Fifth Taste relies on imported products from Castilla La Mancha and Northern Spain, with suppliers in Vasque Country, Galicia or Asturias.


The flavour you want to return to


Homemade beef stews, Spanish flavourful cheeses oR milky rice pudding, Spanish food examples of the very original meaning of The Fifth Taste. Spanish omelette, red wine marinated lamb or roast duck magret with strawberry sauce, are only some of the dishes you will find in our Spanish food menu. Every single one of them, made with the most quality standards that define the Spanish food traditions. Always, personalized to your taste.


If you have ever been to Northern Spain, you will love the memories brought by the flavours… Either way, you will be thinking of your next order long before finishing the starters.