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When I moved to Edinburgh a few years ago I realized that traditions were quite different between Scottish and Spaniards and yet, we share one passion. We are fond of comfort life, which in small words means enjoying life with people we love and living up to the small pleasures. Of course, homemade food is an indulgence that makes us both happy.

The main difference? When in Spain cooking is a daily task, taking time to cook in Edinburgh seems almost impossible for many people. That made me think of mums and dads staying at home being the only ones able to have the gift of time (and I know right that not always) to put an extra delicious taste to their kids’ homemade food. Do you remember the family gatherings on Sunday when you were a child? The special care your relatives gave to those (so precious) family dinners? The flavour remains in your tongue, the memories of the taste still jump in your hearts.

All I want for you is to be able to travel back in time when you felt homemade food was dressed with love only and especially just to please you. Back then when you were that spoiled kiddo at the table. That’s the place where The Fifth Taste will take you on a personalized trip completely tailored to your wishes.”


Vanesa García,

Chef and creator of The Fifth Taste.


Vanesa has run several kitchens in Spain for nearly twenty years, opening her first restaurant in Asturias at the early age of 24 years old. Since then, her work is being recognized in Spain with prizes such:


  • The "Most original filling" prize at "El Mejor Cachopo de la Costa Mediterránea 2017".

  • Finalist dish in "El Mejor Cachopo de la Costa Mediterránea 2016".

  • The 5th place in the International contest “Fabada Asturiana 2018”.