S&S Food Traditions

Willing to jump into a plane to Spain? We surely are. In the meantime, we are just happy searching and researching infood related to the Spanish traditional flavours. We are coming across some interesting Scottish Infoodmation too! Ready for a foodie space-time-travel adventure?

Say ‘Hi’ to my fourth son: ¡THE FIFTH TASTE!

01/11/2020 | 3 mins.

First days with the new webpage, brand new tasters and, last but not least, the wee one's HAPPY birthday at home. And I couldn´t even dream with a better Sunday...


Guy Fawkes’s diet back in 1604 (just guessing)

05/11/2020 | 6 mins.

Bonfire Night is the night to celebrate the attempt to blow up the King and the House of Parliament in London. Better said, to celebrate the failure.


Address to a haggis (and steps for a recipe)

23/01/2021 | 5 mins.

First time I heard about Robert Burns I visualized an old man in a powerful name. Not even close. The very best poet (and most loved) in Scottish history died at the early age of 37 years. Ironically, his heart was slowly shutting down of a rheumatic condition. I like to think it dried out of love.