The Fifth Taste Blog

Bring culture to your kitchen every day with the Spanish food traditions (and Scottish too) served at The Fifth Taste’s blog. Exclusive easy-peasy recipes, icebreakers food-related facts and lifesavers tips to get along with your kitchen and its creatures! Grab a seat on the front row and watch how a cloud kitchen is born in Edinburgh. Or send us an email and tell us what Infood you are craving for... We just want to be of your (fifth) taste!

S&S Food Traditions

Willing to jump into a plane to Spain? We surely are. In the meantime, we are just happy searching and researching infood related to the Spanish traditional flavours. We are coming across some interesting Scottish Infoodmation too! Ready for a foodie space-time-travel adventure?

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The Chef’s Notebook

Get the apron, music on and sleeves up… time for easy-peasy Spanish recipes! Meals for the whole family to enjoy at dinner or lunch. Make something quick or appreciate the waiting time of the slow cooking having a look at the chef’s experiences in Edinburgh. Vanesa left Spain for Scotland so, if you wonder why… come along!

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The Fifth Taste Backstage

Since we have the hobs having a break, we thought ‘How interesting it would be to share with you our journey?!’. Get a glance of what means to open a hospitality business in Covid time in Edinburgh. We promise you won’t get bored!

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